Why Host With Us?

We have a special niche in web hosting.  We provide high quality performance-oriented web hosting for CMS systems. Unlike the low-priced commodity web hosts, we have servers set up to support CMS right out of the box. You won't see a lot of the common errors with web hosting that you'll see with non-specialized hosts (running out of PHP memory on a small site, too-small packet sizes for your database, no support for InnoDB on Mysql, etc.) even if you are on one of our shared hosting plans. We understand the needs of CMS users and provide useful plans for a CMS at all price levels.

We also particularly are committed to Drupal hosting. We have a wide range of hosting abilities for Drupal, and can tune a hosting instance to your needs.  Whether you need shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting, we can help you.  We also run clients with multiple-machine hosting (usually multiple VPS's) where each machine is tuned to a special need, like Varnish, MySQL, or PHP hosting, as well as supporting redundant database backends and multiple web servers.

In other words, we'll work with you to meet your needs if your needs are special. And we will not automatically say no to a specialized request just because it's not part of our standard package.

That being said, we cost more than most of the commodity hosting companies.  Surprisingly, not a lot more, especially if you're looking for a smaller VPS or shared hosting plan. Many of our lower-traffic clients run just fine on our larger shared hosting plan, which will work for many sites that do not have high traffic or highly complex sites with lots of modules.  Talk to us about your needs.

If you're a Drupal user we can offer you some things that most hosts don't - Varnish support, one-click Drupal installs that work, Apache Solr servers, server monitoring you can access, and more. Our servers all include drush, the git command, APC PHP caching, and a lot of other features that web developers love.

We are a Drupal Association member, and contribute a percentage of all of our Drupal hosting to the Drupal Association to help fund the development of Drupal.

Let us know what we can do to help!