What We Do

Cruiskeen Consulting is a general Internet consulting company, and we do multiple things. Primarily we provide high-capacity custom hosting for people who need high-performance reliable hosting for their Content Management Systems sites.  We primarily work with Drupal, and also do Drupal consulting and web design. Our hosting is tuned to be optimized for Drupal use, although it is also very effective for Wordpress sites.

Our servers are set up for the Drupal developer, and have Drush, git, and other useful services pre-installed.  We will happily work with you to provide other custom services for your site, such as Varnish, Apache Solr, and memcached. Our servers all use the APC PHP cache and our default MySQL servers are set up to be successful for using Drupal.

We will do customized hosting for your needs.  We start out with two different shared hosting plans, which are very inexpensive and will run Drupal successfully, but we also provide managed VPS services, managed Drupal instances, and multi-server configurations.  We can also provide dedicated servers of different sizes if your needs require that. 

In general we aim to be flexible and to meet your needs.  We can provide a workable small configuration in a shared hosting environment, and can move you forward from that into our more powerful systems. Talk to us about your hosting needs.

We are Drupal Association members, and donate a percentage of all of our Drupal hosting fees to the Drupal Association.