Upcoming Changes

We're in the process of making multiple changes in our hosting.  This is an update.  Things that are coming soon?

  • We're going to be re-branding our hosting services as cms-farm to make them separate from consulting and design. Some time in the next couple months there'll be a new web site for that which will make the hosting services clearer and easier to buy.  Still part of the same company though - just a new face.
  • We're really interested in expanding some of our service for developers. This will eventually include a Git repository based on Gitlab (which will come with any of the non-shared accounts), a Dropbox-like storage system, and some new cleverer use of the Crashplan backup system.
  • We're also in the process of rolling out new plans for Drupal 8 hosting. These will be guaranteed shared D8 hosting plans that will let you have affordable hosting for Drupal 8 - at least for sites that are not getting huge amounts of traffic. This is in beta testing with a few users.
  • Multiple PHP versions - We've offered this for quite a while, but new servers are now being provisioned with PHP 5.5, 5.6, and 7.0 - all of which you can set up in the Virtualmin control panel. You can even have different PHP versions for sub-directories if that's useful for you.
  • Free SSL certificaes - we're working this from two different angles. Sign up for the free Cloudflare package (you need th FULL Cloudflare setup whter your DNS is managed at Cloudflare) and you get a free SSL certificate as part of the cloudflare account. This works great.  We're also going to shortly have a simple setup for LetsEncrypt on our control panel, which will let you get a free LetsEncrypt basic SSL certificate for your domain. We're still working out a few minor issues there. This should be available by early March for all accounts.
  • We're also looking at some more advanced setups for developer accounts - these will be a little more expensive than our current accounts, but will give you things like automatic setup of test and dev instances, and a few other features.
  • Full Reseller accounts - these will be great for agencies, etc. and will let you re-sell hosting to your clients, and handle billing, etc.

We're looking into a few other nice options. Let us know if you need anything and we'll look into it for you.