About Us

Some things you probably should know about our company:

  • What's this Cruiskeen thing? Its Gaelic. A cruiskeen is a little jug.  Our farm is named Cruiskeen Lawn, which has a number of different stories associated with it that are way too confusing to go into. Suffice it to say that among other things I'm a home brewer abd we make a fair quantity of beer, wine, and cider here. 
  • Where is the company located?   The main office is in my farm house. We live in a small farm in Western Wisconsin, just south of Menomonie, WI and about 50 miles east of Minneapolis/St. Paul.  The farm is beautiful and is in a horsehoe-shaped valley beneath a wooded bluff. It's about 160 acres and is about 1/2 trees. Our data center is in downtown Eau Claire, and is in a former tire factory that has been re-purposed into many small businesses, offices, and one of the better data centers in the state.
  • SO - is this a one-person company? Yes and no.  It's organized as a single-person LLC.  It's not just one person, though, since I work with some ohter freelance consultants, depending on your needs. I prefer to think of it as a small web development and hosting company that is very fluid and responsive. Most of the web hosting is handled by me, Steve Hanson. There are multiple other people doing web design, graphics, etc. at different times. 
  • Why should we host with you? Any number of reasons. My company specializes in high-performance web hosting for systems using Content Management Systems. For practical purposes that includes Drupal and Wordpress, both of which we can accommodate in a number of different hosting situations. We are happy to do custom hosting to meet your needs, and have supported some quite high traffic and complex sites in Drupal and Wordpress. Talk to me about your needs. We'll be putting up a series of informative articles about hosting over the next few weeks.