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DrupalCon News: Come Sprint at DrupalCon

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At DrupalCon there’s plenty of opportunity to give back, learn, and make a difference when you attend sprints. Whether this is your first Drupal event or you've been to several camps and Cons and are ready to try something new, we look forward to seeing you at the sprints

I Fix Drupal: Can You Launch A Tech Startup Using Drupal?

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Yes you can. In that case, should you launch a tech startup using Drupal? Maybe. This article will equip you with the information you need to make a sound assessment of whether you should choose Drupal for your startup company whether you are a non technical founder, an experienced CTO or a technologist looking to step up into an executive role. Drupal, or any other piece of open source software, can provide you with an incredible platform to scale your startup from nothing more than a set of requirements to a profitable company in a highly time and cost efficient manner. But Drupal is not a...

Valuebound: How to define your own Services in Drupal 8

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Service  is a PHP class with some code that provides a single specific functionality throughout the application. So you can easily access each service and use its functionality wherever you need it. Because of that it is easy to test and configure in your application. This is called service-oriented architecture which is not unique to Symfony or even PHP.  

The Services and Dependency Injection Container concepts have been adopted by Drupal from the Symfony framework.  Accessing the database, sending email, or translating user interface are examples for the services in Drupal 8. 

Lets look at how to define your own service in drupal 8 custom module Development?

Step 1:
Create the .info.yml file […

Pronovix: How to recognise accessible PDFs - PDF in Drupal part 3

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As an addition to our PDF in Drupal series, we researched the subject of accessible PDFs: how can writers create content in a way that it becomes accessible to users with disabilities? We’ll highlight checking mechanisms and tools and end with listing three types of the available assistive technologies that make content accessible.

IETF Hackathon: Getting TLS 1.3 working in the browser

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Over the last few years, the IETF community has been focused on improving and expanding the use of the technical foundations for Internet security. Part of that work has been updating and deploying protocols such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), with the first draft of the latest version of TLS, TLS 1.3, published a bit more than two years ago on 17 April 2014. Since then, work on TLS 1.3 has continued with expert review and initial implementations aimed at providing a solid base for broad deployment of improved security on the global Internet.

CC BY 2.0 image by Marie-Claire Camp

In February of this year, the Internet Society hosted the TRON (TLS 1.3 Ready Or Not) workshop. The main goal of TRON was to gather feedback from developers and academics about the security of TLS 1.3. The conclusion of the workshop was that TLS 1.3 was, unfortunately, not ready yet.

One of the reasons it was deemed not yet ready was that there needed to be more real-world testing of independently written implementations. There were some implementations of the core protocol, but nobody had put together a full browser-to-server test. And some of the more exciting new features like PSK-based resumption (which brings improved forward secrecy to session tickets) and 0-RTT (which reduces latency for resumed connections) were still unimplemented.

The latest IETF Hackathon held two days before IETF 95 provided the kind of focused and collaborative environment that is conducive for working through implementation and interoperability without distraction. In Buenos Aires, I was joined by key members of the Mozilla team (Eric Rescorla, Richard Barnes and Martin Thompson) as well as some other great people who joined the team on the dates of the Hackathon. We had two main stacks to work with: NSS, the cryptography library that powers Firefox; and Mint, a Go based implementation created by Richard Barnes that I had set up on tls13.cloudflare.com.

The goals were:

  • Finish integration with Firefox so we can do an HTTPS request
  • Demonstrate Firefox->CloudFlare interoperability (with tls13.cloudflare.com)
  • Resumption-PSK between NSS and Mint
  • 0-RTT between NSS and Mint
  • 0-RTT in Firefox

We also had a stretch goal of getting 0-RTT working between Firefox and CloudFlare’s test site.

Getting TLS 1.3 integrated in Firefox took until late Saturday night (we continued in the hotel bar after the Hackathon room closed), but after fighting through segmentation faults, C++11 lambda issues, and obtaining a trusted certificate through Let’s Encrypt, we were able to see a glorious “Hi there!” with a lock icon in Firefox. By the end of the Hackathon on Sunday, we were able to browse the TLS 1.3 specification on tls13.cloudflare.com with PSK-based session resumption in Firefox.

Although we were not able to get 0-RTT working between Firefox and CloudFlare in time for the demo (we were so very close), the Hackathon was deemed a success and we were given the “Best Achievement” award. It was great experience and proved invaluable for understanding how TLS 1.3 will work in practice. I’d like to thank the IETF for hosting this event and Huawei for sponsoring it.

The work at this Hackathon and the subsequent meetings at IETF 95 have helped solidify the core features of TLS 1.3. In the coming months, the remaining issues will be discussed on the TLS Working Group mailing list with the hope that a final draft can be completed soon after IETF 96 in Berlin.

This originally appeared as a guest blog on the IETF web site. CloudFlare is grateful to the IETF for allowing its republication here.

Roy Scholten: 10 places to explore visual & structural hierarchy on Drupal admin screens

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One of the critical Drupal UX issues is the lack of visual and structural hierarchy on admin pages. Can you suggest ideas, sketches, mockups for any of the following?

Post your sketches, plans or ideas to the linked issue or add this folder to your Google Drive and upload there.

Tags: drupalplanetd8uxhierarchySub title: Your ideas for how to put first things first, please.

Phponwebsites: Clear views cache when insert, update and delete a node in Drupal 7

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This blog describes how to clear views cache while inserting, updating and deleting a node in Drupal 7. If we want to improve site performance, then views caching is one of the options.

   For example, you have views which display list of records. It will update occasionally. Then we can render views data from cache rather than server if we set cache for views. We can set views cache at its settings page. Suppose you have cached views for 5 mins. Then it didn't display updated data until 5 mins even if new node is added to that views. It displays updated data only after 5 mins because the views is cached for 5 mins. In that situation, the user can't view new data in cached views. So we need to clear views cache when add , update and delete a node. So only we can see new data in views and also data is rendered from cache.

Clear views cache when insert a new node in Drupal 7:   The newly added node has not been displayed in views list if the cache is applied to a views. So we need to clear views cache when insert a new node using hook_node_insert(). Lets see the code for clear views cache while inserting a node:

  * Imeplement hook_node_insert().
 function phponwebsites_node_insert($node) {
   if ($node->type == 'tasks') {
     //clear views cache
     $viewsname = 'activity';
     cache_clear_all($viewsname, 'cache_views_data', TRUE);
Clear views cache when update a node in Drupal 7:   When you tried to update a node, the updated data in that node has not been displayed in views. So we need to clear views cache when update a node using hook_node_update(). Lets see the code for clear views cache while updating a node:

  * Imeplement hook_node_update().
 function phponwebsites_node_update($node) {
   if ($node->type == 'article') {
     //clear views cache
     $viewsname = 'articles';
     cache_clear_all($viewsname, 'cache_views_data', TRUE);
Clear views cache when delete a node in Drupal 7:   After delete a node, you could see the deleted node is displayed in the views. So we need to clear views when delete a node using hook_node_delete(). Lets see the code for clear views cache while deleting a node:

  * Imeplement hook_node_delete().
 function phponwebsites_node_delete($node) {
   if ($node->type == 'article') {
     //clear views cache
     $viewsname = 'articles';
     cache_clear_all($viewsname, 'cache_views_data', TRUE);
   You can see the performance of views page will be increased and you can see changes in your views. Now I've hope you know how to clear views cache when insert, update and delete a node in Drupal 7.

DrupalEasy: DrupalEasy Podcast 173 - Secret Bunker (Peter Wolanin, Cathy Theys - Drupal Security Team)

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Direct .mp3 file download.

Cathy Theys (yesct) and Peter Wolanin (pwolanin) from the Drupal Security Team join Anna Kalata and Mike Anello to discuss the origins, evolution, and efforts of the team. Peter and Cathy discuss how to report potential security issues, how issues are handled within the team, and how they prioritize potential contributed module security issues. In addition, we discuss Drupal from the outside-in, Cathy's travel schedule, secret bunkers, the need for us to keep Peter busy in the Drupal community (seriously), Mike's slow loss of control, customers who contribute, and how Drupal might be related to the Panama Papers. As if that wasn't enough, we give Cathy control of the five questions - let the fun begin!

Interview DrupalEasy News Four Stories Sponsors Picks of the Week Upcoming Events Follow us on Twitter Cathy's Five Questions (answers only)
  1. Python library for reading shape files (pyshp).
  2. Retirement.
  3. Go back to DIY microbiology/genetic engineering.
  4. Chx asking him to do “something easy” for Drupal 6.
  5. Brian Osborne, working on CAS module (bkosborne).
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Lullabot: Lullabot's 8th Annual DrupalCon Party

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Lullabot’s annual party has become a DrupalCon tradition – fun friendly people hanging out and having a good time. If you’re new to DrupalCon, it’s a great place to meet people. And if you’re an old-timer, it’s a great place to see old friends and make new ones.

Lullabot’s DrupalCon Party 2016
Wednesday, May 11th at the Ace Hotel
600 Carondelet St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
7PM ‘til whenever
(a 15 minute walk from Drupalcon)

We have 31 Lullabots attending Drupalon this year. Nine of them are presenting sessions, so don’t miss those. Also, both Lullabot and Tugboat will be representing at booth 206 in the exhibit hall. We’ll have our famous floppy disk party invites at the booth, so stop by early on Tuesday if you want to fill out your collection. And finally, since it's our 10 year anniversary, if you happen to stop by the booth wearing an old Lullabot tee, you'll also receive a new special edition Lullabot shirt. Hooray for new threads!

The venue for the party is a short 15 minute walk from the Convention Center. So stop by on Wednesday evening, enjoy a drink with us, and say “hello!”.

Lullabot's 8th Annual DrupalCon Party

Lullabot -

Lullabot’s annual party has become a DrupalCon tradition – fun friendly people hanging out and having a good time. If you’re new to DrupalCon, it’s a great place to meet people. And if you’re an old-timer, it’s a great place to see old friends and make new ones.

Lullabot’s DrupalCon Party 2016
Wednesday, May 11th at the Ace Hotel
600 Carondelet St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
7PM ‘til whenever
(a 15 minute walk from Drupalcon)

We have 31 Lullabots attending Drupalon this year. Nine of them are presenting sessions, so don’t miss those. Also, both Lullabot and Tugboat will be representing at booth 206 in the exhibit hall. We’ll have our famous floppy disk party invites at the booth, so stop by early on Tuesday if you want to fill out your collection. And finally, since it's our 10 year anniversary, if you happen to stop by the booth wearing an old Lullabot tee, you'll also receive a new special edition Lullabot shirt. Hooray for new threads!

The venue for the party is a short 15 minute walk from the Convention Center. So stop by on Wednesday evening, enjoy a drink with us, and say “hello!”.

Drop Guard: Drop Guard recipes: Configure your Drupal update behaviours

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Drop Guard recipes: Configure your Drupal update behaviours Igor Kandyba Fri, 15.04.2016 - 20:15

The real benefits and value of Drop Guard are not about being able to monitor, but actually perform updates by committing the newer Drupal and modules versions directly into the project's Git repository. In this article, we'll familiarise ourselves with the basic Drop Guard concepts, and go through the update behaviours configuration process to secure our website.

Drop Guard Drop Guard recipes Drupal Planet

The Cherry Hill Company: Join us for the Drupal in Libraries BoF at DrupalCon NOLA

Planet Drupal -

This year's Drupal in Libraries Birds of a Feather session will be on Wednesday, May 11th from 3:45 to 4:45 in the Cherry Hill BoF Room (291) at the Morial Convention Center.

There is no agenda, so please bring your questions and stories. We would all love to see what you have been up to.

Among the things that we are interested in are the upcoming version of Islandora and summer reading programs.

Phponwebsites: Login using email and username in Drupal 7

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   This blog describes about how to login using both email and username in Drupal 7. All of you know we could login using only username in Drupal 7.

       I've tried to login using email without any contrib modules. Finally i got the code. First alter form to add custom form validation. In custom form validation, get the name from user table by email and set that value into name field in form.  Let see the code:

 * Implement hook_form_alter().
function phponwebsites_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id) {

  if ($form_id == "user_login" || $form_id == "user_login_block") {
    $form['name']['#title'] = t('Username or E-mail Address');
    // Ensure a valid validate array.
    $form['#validate'] = is_array($form['#validate']) ? $form['#validate'] : array();
    // login using username or email address

 * Implement phponwebsites_user_login_validate()
 * Return name by its email address
function phponwebsites_user_login_validate($form, &$form_state) {
  if (isset($form_state['values']['name']) && strpos($form_state['values']['name'], '@') !== false) {
      $name = db_query("SELECT name FROM {users} WHERE LOWER(mail) = LOWER(:name)", array(':name' => $form_state['values']['name']))->fetchField();
  if (isset($name)) {
    form_set_value($form['name'], $name, $form_state);
   Now you can login using both username and email. I've hope you know how to login using both username and email in Drupal 7.

Acquia Developer Center Blog: How Laura moved from Sales to Tech - a Drupal story

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Laura Caraker's journey at Acquia is remarkable. In this podcast, she and I talk through how she joined Acquia Sales, wanted to know more about Drupal and ended up joining the technical side of the house via her stint at Acquia U, Acquia's Drupal and tech boot camp. Her advice for others interested in technology? "Don’t be afraid to get involved."

Interview video - 12' 30"

Early days: Acquia Sales

jam: So why don’t you introduce yourself? Tell us who you are and what you do now.

Laura Caraker: Sure. So my name is Laura Caraker. I am currently on the Solutions Architecture Team as an associate solutions architect. I have been here for a little bit over two years now.

jam: I remember meeting you in Acquia’s old office a couple of times because your desk was positioned in a place that I would always walk through the office, and you and your deskmate at that time seem to be having far too much fun.

Laura Caraker: Yes. Yes, we really did and it was a great place to sit too because I could see everybody coming through. So it was nice.

jam: What was your job back then?

Laura Caraker: I was a business development representative. I think that was close to when I first started. I remember you were wearing your mustache suit, full mustache suit.

jam: Well, I mean, I have to keep up appearances, right?

Laura Caraker: Yes, of course.

jam: Now, what does a BDR do, a business development representative?

Laura Caraker: So a BDR is an entry-level sales position within the company. So, it’s generally for people right out of college or looking to jumpstart their career. If they’re looking into the business side that’s the first-level role they would take.

Love at first DrupalCon

jam: But Laura, that’s a sales job and now you’re doing a Drupal job! :-) So this actually totally fascinated me. So here’s what I observed that really truly captivated me. I met Laura in this entry-level sales position and then at DrupalCon Portland, I ran into you.

Laura Caraker: Austin.

jam: Was it Austin?

Laura Caraker: Austin.

jam: At a DrupalCon I ran into you and I said, “Wow! You’re here!” because that’s – at a large company like we are, I thought it was a little bit unusual that a junior salesperson would be at DrupalCon. I said, “What are you doing here?” And you said, “We won this, you know? We made this number and our prize was to come to DrupalCon,” and I asked you about it. And how was your first DrupalCon?

Laura Caraker: I loved it. It was also my first time in Austin, so that contributed to the positive experience too, but it was great having been here for just a few months at that point to go do a community event like that with coworkers you don’t usually talk to and see the community itself as well.

jam: What was your tech experience before you came to Acquia?

Laura Caraker: Slim to none. I know very basic or I knew very basic coding like HTML. It was more of a hobby. I had a WordPress blog before coming here so – but not far beyond that.

jam: Do you have a first Drupal memory?

Laura Caraker: Probably DrupalCon itself was the most prevalent Drupal memory itself. With the actual technology, the first time I used Drupal was Drupal Gardens.

Teach me all the Drupal!

jam: Okay. So what I’ve observed is you came in as a salesperson. You got excited about this thing and you’re now in a technical job. Of course, the piece in between that somehow was Acquia U, but describe working in this organization and what happened along the way, how your – what caught your attention, what got you excited.

Laura Caraker: Sure. So I’d say what got me the most excited about working here was the people. So you always want to perform very well because you enjoy the people that you’re working with and you want to work hard for them. But every day in sales I found myself on phone conversations, talking to people about Drupal and our products, but never fully understanding it to the level I wanted to, to have the confidence to really sell it, and since I was always sort of fascinated by technology in general, I wanted to learn more. So I was in that role or moving along that team for a year and a half-ish, and then I had always been interested in Acquia U and the idea behind it, but there hadn’t really been anybody internally that had wanted to do it, and when I saw that the prerequisites weren’t too demanding, I reached out to Amy and asked what she thought about it, and I talked to my boss, and then everything kind of came together.

jam: Wow! So, describe how it was going through the curriculum and getting up to speed on PHP, and version control, and Agile, and all this stuff.

Laura Caraker: Very difficult. It was difficult too because I started with a group of maybe eight to nine other people and they all had different levels of experience. Some of the kids had coded for a while just using different programs. But generally, around the room, not many of us knew Drupal very well. So that was a little less intimidating. It was definitely difficult to learn everything at once and try and put it all together, to understand what it all means together in workflow and things like that, but I made it through. I survived. I’m still learning every day.

jam: Is it fair to describe it is a boot camp?

Laura Caraker: Yes. Like a boot camp classroom, basically.

jam: What sort of – well, you’re in a technical role now at Acquia in the solutions architecture team which enables people to design their projects right, to succeed at them?

Laura Caraker: Yes.

Baking it all in

jam: What sort of career doors do you think Acquia U has opened for you?

Laura Caraker: Well, initially, my first intention was to go to Acquia U to enable me more as a sales rep. The initial plan was to come right back to the sales team. So around the end of that program, I was starting to get a feel for other departments. So right then and there that opened the opportunity to join the solutions architecture team. I had other opportunities too. It was very flexible now having the Drupal knowledge and Acquia knowledge of where you can go. So, I really liked all the different opportunities I had and the solutions architecture opportunity was the most attractive to me because it combined skills that I had already gained in sales with the new skills I had, and I knew that if I went right back to sales, I may not exercise all the new skills I was learning. So I was nervous to lose them and I wanted to actually work with them every day so...

jam: So you got – you’re baking them in now?

Laura Caraker: Yes.

jam: Right, and you’re making a broader base really, and using it every day is, of course, the best way to really make it stick?

Laura Caraker: Yes.

Biz background with tech skills - the future is bright!

jam: I see that. What was your major at college?

Laura Caraker: Sport management.

jam: Okay, but management, right?

Laura Caraker: Yes, I was in a business school.

jam: You did a business-y thing at the business school and now you’ve got all of these technical skills, and your role is actually right in between those two worlds...

Laura Caraker: Yes.

jam: ...because, essentially, you need to take business require – figure out what the business requirements are which is a set of skills, in and of itself, that’s quite tricky, and then express those in a technical architecture with our specific technology. That’s actually really exciting because I think that you’ve got an enormously – a growing and very complementary skillset that’s going to make all sorts of things possible in the future.

Laura Caraker: Right.

jam: What’s your first startup going to be then?

Laura Caraker: Oh, I have no idea. I haven’t thought that far yet.

jam: I mean in one possible set of outcomes, right? This is actually an ideal position to be like a technical founder or co-founder of something that’s wow!

Laura Caraker: Tom Erickson started as a presales guy.

jam: Career path "Tom Erickson"!

jam: No - so what I love about this is that you went from sports business background into selling and our crazy technical thing caught your eye, right? And you went for that.

Laura Caraker: Yes, and I actually did minor in IT in school in addition to the whole sport management business thing but it was pretty basic level, just binary, basic computer IT thing. So, it’s cool how both of them combined into this role, a few years later, where I am.

"Don’t be afraid to get involved."

jam: It is tremendously exciting and I want to point out that Drupal and technology today, despite how complicated things are - complex things are, and how many systems and how much there is in today’s web and digital technologies. There are enormous possibilities for people to come in. Self-taught, university-taught, you can go to boot camps. You can read books. You can really – talk about people who are – say something to the people out there who are not sure they’re doing the right thing, and talk about the chances that you see in technology today.

Laura Caraker: Well, I mean in terms of technology, there are a lot of chances. Drupal specifically? I’d say out of the different technologies I’ve seen, it’s one of the – it definitely has a learning curve, but it’s one of the easiest ones to get involved with because of how vast the community is, and all the resources that are available. So this entire journey has been a huge learning experience for me, but I’ve never had an issue finding help, whether it be with an Acquia or within the Drupal community itself.

jam: Very good.

Laura Caraker: So don’t be afraid to get involved.

jam: Don’t be afraid to get involved. That’s really cool. When are you giving your first DrupalCon session?

Laura Caraker: Someday I will. I’ve actually been doing a lot of Drupal camps, gearing up and potentially preparing some sessions here and there, demos. I’ll be doing something at DrupalCon this year hopefully. We’ll see. Nothing – maybe not a session yet, but that’s the goal one day.

jam: Awesome. But you’re definitely out there engaging with the community, showing people how to use stuff. Wow, fantastic! So thank you. So you’re passing it on straightaway as well?

Laura Caraker: Yes.

jam: I find your story so exciting. It’s really – congratulations.

Laura Caraker: Thank you.

jam: It just seems it’s incredibly – it’s exciting. I’m excited for you. I hope you’re...

Laura Caraker: Yes, I’m pumped. I feel very, very lucky to have the opportunities that I’ve had here at Acquia and with Drupal in general. So it’s very exciting.

jam: Welcome to our community.

Laura Caraker: Thank you. I love it.

jam: Thanks for taking the time.

Laura Caraker: Yes, no problem. Thanks, jam.

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Evolving Web: Upgrading to Drupal 8: Benefits and Gotchas

Planet Drupal -

Thinking of upgrading your website to Drupal 8, or using it for the first time on a new project? You've surely heard about the shiny new features that the community has been cooking up. But as with any major step forward, there's a lot of changes to how things work, and not everything is fully ready, so there are challenges to be aware of before you jump into a Drupal 8 project for the first time.

read more

Mediacurrent: Friday 5: 5 Tips to Building a Creative Team

Planet Drupal -

We made it to the finish line of another busy work week!

Thanks for joining us for the sixth episode of The Mediacurrent Friday 5. This week, Creative Director Dante Taylor provides 5 Tips to Building a Creative Team. 

He discusses some key points to consider when working with a creative team. Watch the video to learn more about how there are no rules, putting people first, giving sandwich critiques, always keeping your door open, and trusting your teammates.

TimOnWeb.com: JQuery.cookie in Drupal 7

Planet Drupal -

A quick tip for all Drupalistas outhere: if you want to use jQuery.cookie in your project, you actually don't have to download and install the library. jQuery.cookie is a part of Drupal 7 and can be included as easy as typing: 

  1. drupal_add_library('system', 'jquery.cookie');

Wondering to ...

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